Shawn Porter Vs. Errol Spence Jr. Odds For September 28

Errol Spence Jr. clashes with Shawn Porter this Saturday night from STAPLES Center in L.A. The build-up to this champ-versus-champ showdown at 147 pounds has led to a war of words. However, the time for talking is almost over. We believe “Showtime” will soon have to come to terms with “The Truth” that Spence Jr. has his number.

Spence Jr. is undefeated at 25-0-0 with 21 knockouts, a KO rate of 84 percent. Porter, on the other hand, is 30-2-0 with 17 KOs (51.52 percent.) He has said he wants to get the finish against Porter but even if he doesn’t, these numbers have us giving Spence Jr. the edge in power.

Porter has great footwork and that lends itself well in the late rounds as much as it does early on. “Showtime” can bob and weave with the best of them but fights more on the inside, and some feel he will struggle to close the distance in this one. Spence can match him inside, fight at a distance, and will use his jab to disguise his punch.

Both fighters’ trainers recently spoke to Premier Boxing Champions ahead of the fight and those are areas where Derrick James feels Spence is ahead.

Hear it From the Fighters’ Camps on How They Think the Fight will Play Out

“Errol benefits as the more powerful puncher and he’s more technical. Shawn does well on the inside. Against Danny Garcia and Keith Thurman he missed a lot of punches on the inside,” James said.

“Shawn’s strengths are his fortitude, desire, and strong will, but Errol’s a great inside fighter and he’s more accurate. So I think we’ll be able to break him down, take that away and stop him.

Kenny Porter, Shawn’s trainer and father, also put a high value on his son’s movement.

The elder Porter said, “In Errol’s career, he’s had the right opponents in front of him, guys who can’t move, allowing him to dictate, back them into a corner and beat on them.”

“What I don’t see is people who’ve offered resistance and movement to get Errol out of his normal way of fighting and forcing him to react and make uncomfortable decisions.”

Porter’s durability should hold up to see him through the entirety of the fight but even the pair’s peers give the nod to Spence. Although many expect the contest to go the distance as well. Boxing Scene surveyed 26 fighters ahead of the scrap and Spence to a 15-11 win in votes. This includes a vote in his favor (via decision) from Mikey Garcia.

New heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz offered this take as a reminder anything can happen:

“I’ve trained-practically grown up-with Shawn Porter, who has a difficult style. Errol Spence is a great fighter and Shawn’s the underdog, but I was the underdog against Anthony Joshua and we all know what happened there.”

Regardless, the winner will have some distance on the rest of the pack at welterweight in after this WBC-IBF unifier.

Prediction: Erroll Spence by decision (-140)