Tyson Fury Odds Against Otto Wallon For September 14

There is no such thing as a sure thing in the world of sports betting and it’s especially disrespectful in combat sports to consider a fight easy money. However, that’s the belief ahead of Tyson Fury’s upcoming bout against Otto Wallon on September 14.

Why? Well…

Ring Time

Aside from the draw he had against Deontay Wilder, Fury has looked as close to flawless as possible. He’s 28-0-1 including the Wilder bout and definitely has the experience edge: 11 years to Wallin’s six or, more specifically 174 rounds under his belt to Wallin’s 90.

According to BoxRec’s stats, England’s “Gypsy King” also has the edge when it comes to putting his adversaries away. Fury, ranked at fourth globally as a heavyweight, has a 69 percent KO rate. The Swedish Wallin is ranked 46th out of 1,314 heavyweights and is slightly behind at 62 percent.

What Have They Done Lately?

Wallin’s last bout against Nick Kisner was ruled a no-contest as both suffered cuts worthy enough to call off the fight. Fury has remained one of the big four names in the heavyweight title picture (along with Wilder, Anthony Joshua, and Andy Ruiz) after running through Tom Schwarz in June in just two rounds or six minutes.

Fury also fought as recently as June while Wallin hasn’t competed in 17 months.

Fighting Style and Tale of the Tape for Fury vs. Wallin

The pair are opposites when it comes to style. Fury uses an orthodox stance while Wallin is a southpaw. Fury doesn’t have much experience against southpaws but recently destroyed Francesco Pianeta, so he shouldn’t have too much trouble.

Fury also has a movement pattern few if any have figured out. He should frustrate Wallin which could allow him to have fun and be a showman like with Schwarz following his comeback from mental health issues.

Fury said at a press event, “Do I look like I’m enjoying life? One hundred percent. I’m ecstatic to be alive. A true blessing from God. I’m very thankful that I was given this life. I’m thankful to be here in Las Vegas and thankful for all the people that turned out.”

He added, “I can defeat all the heavyweights with one hand. As you saw today, lightning speed, lightning reflexes for a giant. I’m a giant of a heavyweight. There has never been a heavyweight like me. There has never been a man of my size who can move like that. I’m a natural freak of nature. I defy every law of gravity. It shouldn’t be possible for a man of my size or my weight to move like that.”

The Brit will also enjoy both a roughly four-inch height and six inch-reach advantage. Essentially this is a tune-up fight to keep Fury in condition for a rematch with Wilder, supposedly set for February 2020.

The End Result

Fury isn’t lacking in confidence, that’s for sure. In a recent appearance on Mike Tyson’s podcast, “Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson,” he said he expects to put away Wallin in a couple of rounds. Other fight previews have Fury taking the win within four rounds.

We’re being a little generous with a fifth-round prediction, and that’s solely based on how much of a showman Fury wants to be.

Prediction: Tyson Fury by way of KO/TKO within five rounds

Catch the mauling September 14 on ESPN+ The fight time is set for 11 p.m. ET