LFA 11—Frincu Finishes Mendonca in First Round

The Legacy Fighting Alliance (LFA) is a leading developmental promotion to the UFC.

Main Event: Matthew Frincu vs. Maycon Mendonca

Round 1

The Brazilian Mendonca is the first to land a roundhouse kick against Australia’s Frincu. They’re testing each other with their hands, each forcing the other back, but waiting patiently for an opening. Mendonca goes for another kick and still isn’t disguising them with punches as he should but dies eventually land one to the abdomen of his opponent.

Frincu dodges a high right roundhouse and throws his own right straight punch to hit pay-dirt. Another Mendonca high kick is avoided this, time by getting the arms up before Frincu mirrors the move. A leg kick from Mendonca is met with a left hand before they connect simultaneously with continued kicks.

Mendonca’s hands appear to be lower between the two and Frincu makes him pay for it when he gets the chance. A left jab stuns him but he gives out another inside leg kick while and overhand right punch does nothing or him. One more left straight puts Mendonca out on his feet as he bounces off the cage fence and faceplants the canvas with the referee rushing in to call things off. The main eventer improves to 11-2.

Matthew Frincu def. Maycon Mendonca via TKO at 1:36 of Round 1

Co-Main Event: James Nakashima vs. LaRue Burley

Nakashima is considered by all accounts to be one to watch at 6-0 in MMA and 3-0 on the LFA’s home network of AXS TV, which put him in the top three of the AXS TV Fights welterweight (170-pound) rankings.

Round 1

Nakashima takes control of the cage as soon as he can step forward. The southpaw throws a flurry of strikes to start things off but Burley evades them after matching his dance partner kick for kick before that. Nakashima gets tagged after a cross and then the action is paused as a finger went into one of Burley’s eyes. Burley has his eye examined and given recovery time as Nakashima is warned. The bout proceeds.

With things back underway, Nakashima comes out with an inside leg kick and left straight punch that connects. Burley throws the same kick and takes what looks to be a left hook this time. The fight goes against the cage momentarily and Burley tries to pounce off the cage with “handy-work” but kicks are all that is landing right now. A left side kick fails, however. The next time they trade Nakashima has him wobbly but Burley stays upright.

A leg kick lands and Burley once again is back up and suffers another left hand. Nakashima suffers from a front kick but it doesn’t look like it was flush so a spinning heel kick follows and is narrowly avoided. Nakashima keeps up the pressure and sends home another left straight before another battle of leg kicks. They clinch fight for the remaining seconds of the round.

Round 2

Nakashima bolts out of the gate with an overhand left strike and continues to back his opponent up at will. He’s tagged with a right hand but still has been getting the better of the exchanges. Burley gets sloppy on a following punch and gives up waist control to Nakashima, who forces him to the canvas. Strikes to the side of Burley’s head are being landed at will 30 seconds into the middle frame. Burley eventually rolls onto his back but Nakashima just moves into side control.

A few short blows connect but its mostly right elbows from Nakashima before the two are in the north-south position and back again. The lower limbs of Burley have been noticed by the commentary team as now being purple and black from Round 1, which won’t help his case with the overseeing judges.

For a moment Nakashima appears to go for a guillotine choke before taking the back and hammering away, looking to sink in leg hooks for a rear-naked choke instead.

Burley is on his feet with Nakashima still on him like a backpack. He’s back down again after Nakashima scores with a big suplex prior to another guillotine attempt. A low blow leg kick then lands dead-center on Burley to force another pause.

This time a point was deducted from Nakashima.

It’s business as usual when they reconvene as another left connects to the detriment of Burley. He fires off a front kick in response. Nakashima whiffs on a low-level spinning kick and circles to face Burley again. Nakashima leaves his neck open as he has a single-leg takedown stuffed. Both men rise from the mat and Burley launches a jumping knee but it doesn’t appear that he got all of it. They trade in tight again and Burley counter a counter-left hook with another high knee.

Nakashima clinches again and then separates to land strikes as he pleases as Burley’s ducking fails him. He shoots for a double-leg and is tied up yet again and forced onto his back to be elbowed in the face to finish the round aside from a buzzer-beater uppercut.

Round 3

Nakashima digs in his underhooks on Burley and is back to clinch fighting within 15 seconds, sending home a few knees before a double-leg against a tired opponent. Burley fails on an armlock attempt and ends up with Nakashima back in side control, this time with his arms trapped. He continues to score striking points from the back as Burley turtles up. It’s a parade of knees and strikes as Nakashima briefly looks for a d’arce choke and then returns onto Burley’s back.

Nakashima hammer Burley’s face and looks for a rear-naked/ arm-triangle choke until the final round comes to a close.

James Nakashima def. LaRue Burley via Unanimous Decision (29-27, 29-27, 29-27)

The Rest of the Card

  • Kyle Stewart def. Ty Freeman via Shoulder Lock at 2:25 of Round 1

  • Bruno Silva vs. Casey Kenney ends in Split Draw (29-28, 28-29, 28-28)

  • Sean O’Malley def. David Nuzzo via KO at 2:15 of Round 1

  • Toninho Marajo def. Mike Hamel via TKO at 0:32 of Round 1

  • Keoni Diggs def. Tyler Sidders via Rear-Naked Choke at 3:57 of Round 2

  • Taylor Johnson def. Dan Hubervia KO at 0:08 of Round 1

  • Richard Palencia def. Fard Muhammad via Rear-Naked Choke at 2:59 of Round 2

Total Finish Rate: 7 Finishes/ 9 Fights (78 percent)

Results via Tapology.com