LFA 7— “Little Fury” Gets RNC against Mai

The Legacy Fighting Alliance (LFA) is a leading developmental promotion to the UFC.

Roberto Sanchez vs. Klayton Mai

Round 1

Undefeated (6-0) Roberto “Little Fury” Sanchez hasn’t had a fight go to scorecards since his Legacy FC debut. Now with five submissions to his credit, that streak and his record remained intact after his bout with Python breeder, Klayton “The Python” Mai (8-3). The former math teacher said it would be ironic when he choked out Mai and he was right.

Mai, who favors submissions as well, is the first to strike with a slight left punch. Sanchez looks for a right-left but it doesn’t appear that he got all of it. Mai catches a leg kick and Sanches sputters backward. He gets a takedown in response but leaves his neck out and Mai pounces on a guillotine choke attempt.

Sanchez lifts Mai to his feet (before he pops his head out of the choke) and frees himself about a minute later with 3:35 left on the clock. He takes the back of Mai for a second as they stand but doesn’t have his hooks in and Mai simply turns out of trouble and into top control on the ground. An overhand right, jab, and hook to the abs all connect for Sanchez.

They wrap each other, waltzing against the fence before Sanchez again looks to take Mai’s back inside two minutes. The effort goes nowhere and now there is less than a minute before the end of the round. Sanchez lands an inside thigh kick followed by a right hook to the midsection. Mai hits him with a counter left.

Sanchez finds success with a powerful right hand and more so with lefts while in a headlock as Mai is against the cage.

Round 2

Sanchez goes for a left kick to the ribs and hits his mark but surrenders his back winning a spinning elbow doesn’t work. Mai does nothing with the position and they move back to the center of the cage to stand and trade. Mai whiffs on a right uppercut but not a left straight punch. The hometown favorite is swinging wildly and Main catches another kick but lands awkwardly.

Mai has a guillotine chance again but Sanchez is on him like a backpack, constricting him with a figure-four body lock and getting the choke win from there. A shot to become the LFA’s flyweight (125-pound) champion may very well be in Sanchez’s future.

Roberto Sanchez def. Klayton Mai by Rear-Naked Choke at 2:08 of Round 2

Domingo Pilarte vs. Adrian Yanez

Round 1

Yanez ducks a head kick in the opening seconds but is forced against the cage with glancing side kicks. A clinch leads to a slamming double-leg takedown from Pilarte. Yanez escapes any trouble when Pilarte loses top control in transition to side control. A pair of high kicks land again as Pilarte feints with two minutes down.

Yanez scores with a basic left hand. There’s a brief pause as Yanez suffers an eye poke but gets back to work soon after. Crescent kicks from Pilarte result in nothing but he forces another double-leg in Yanez’s guard, land short blows ahead of the bell.

Round 2

Inside leg kicks set up Pilarte’s third double-leg. He can’t get Yanez all the way to the canvas but nearly takes his back. The Houston native gets his man down, but Yanez wraps an arm around his neck, throwing elbows from closed guard. Yanez takes a clinch knee to the head as he stands up. He spins out of a missing head kick and throws to or three strikes that give him some points.

Pilarte gets a head kick to connect but gives takes a right hook.Back to the ground game he goes, landing lefts as he does so. Yanez rises and hunts for a guillotine choke as the bell sounds.

Round 3

The left shin of Pilarte is introduced to the face of Yanez 15 seconds in— he returns the favor. Pilarte dances around the edge of the LFA Octagon, mixing in side kicks. Yanez pops him with a right hook/head kick combination to proceed a left hook. The referee warns Pilate for backing away from the fight.

He offers up a few jabs and Yanez a left uppercut. He bull rushes Yanez en route to another takedown, though the official this time warns Yanez to remember no elbows to the back of the head. He goes down and Pilarte does nothing as they return to the prior position. Yanez tries to force Pilate down and gets tangled up as a few shots land for Pilarte in side control.

Now down to the last minute, a high kick from Yanez and a flurry with two major right hands has Pilarte in trouble. He gets one final double-leg and they throw leather from in close in guard until the bell.

The Rest of the Card

  • Domingo Pilarte def. Adrian Yanez by Split Decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)

  • Gilbert Urbina def. Noel Ligon by Rear-Naked choke at 3:01 of Round 1

  • Nikolay Veretennikov def. Clovis Hancock by KO at 3:21 of Round 3

  • Jason Langellier def. Josh Davila by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

  • Itzel Esquivel def. Brandi Narvaez by Triangle-Armbar at 4:35 of Round 1

  • Dulani Perry def. Leomana Martinez by Split Decision (Score Unavailable)

  • Javier Obregon def. David Armas by Unanimous Decision (Score Unavailable)

  • Omar Hillail def. Yan Digilov by Triangle-Armbar in Round 1

  • Jonathan Davis def. Anthony Torres by TKO in Round 3

Total Finish Rate: 6 Finishes/ 10 Fights (60 percent)

Results via Tapology.com