LFA 6— Record Set in San Antonio (78 Percent Finishes)

The Legacy Fighting Alliance (LFA) is a leading developmental promotion to the UFC.

Rivaldo Junior vs. Ray Rodriguez

Round 1

Junior gives a leg kick as the paw at each other in the opening moments. A left hook misses “The Judge” in Rodriguez though gets inside and strike two to three at a time favoring volume. He catches a low kick and Junior slips. Rodriguez elects to keep this a standing affair and chooses correctly as he scores with a right blast.

Junior is now circling the perimeter of the cage. A few more right punches for Junior to circle out and hunt for a takedown. Rodriguez sets the situation back as it was and they’re still up. Junior does eventually find the double, forcing Rodriguez airborne in the process. The Brazilian punches his way into Rodriguez’s guard; he, in turn, works for an armbar but finishes on the bottom.

Round 2

They paw at each other for the first 30 seconds. Junior dives under a missed left hook into half guard. Rodriguez is in trouble in the midst of an arm triangle choke. He rolls through it into the closed guard of his opponent. Junior elbows him from below and finds a guillotine choke.

Rodriguez works the ribs then backs out of the position to get to his feet. Junior wants him back down but it’s not happening. They clinch. “The Judge” has hooks and force the split to throw leather again. Junior is tiring as Rodriguez pulls away with the fight.

Round 3

The two touch gloves one last time. The wear and tear on the trailing Junior is obvious now and he’s back to dancing around the edge of the cage. Rodriguez overreaches on a right hand and is forced to his back once more. It’s his turn to go for the guillotine, but, he doesn’t have it in the end. Two minutes are gone.

Junior works the midsection but the referee stands the two up after they remain there until about 1:30 is left. A brief clinch and it’s back to boxing. Two dives from Junior are stuffed and Rodriguez takes the win based on a slight points edge.

Ray Rodriguez def. Rivaldo Junior via Split Decision (27-30, 30-27, 29-28)

Eryk Anders vs. Jon Kirk

Round 1

The tide kept rolling for former NCAA championship-winning former University of Alabama football player Eryk Anders after losing his original opponent for LFA 6. The Texan ran through 19-14 Bellator veteran Jon Kirk in his LFA debut.

Kirk lands a leg kick and immediately pays for it by getting a brick of a left hand to the jaw. Anders gets a double-leg and Kirk tries to go for a guillotine choke. Anders rains down left bombs from inside Kirk’s guard instead, mixing in elbows for good measure. He does the same from full mount so Kirk rolls to his stomach. The fight ends there.

Anders moves to 7-0.

Eryk Anders def. Jon Kirk by KO/TKO at 1:35 of Round 1

Mackenzie Dern vs. Katherine Roy

Round 1

Dern is the first to strike by way of a left leg kick to the opposite of Roy but Roy immediately gives her a counter right jab that lands on the gloves. A one-two combination comes next from the grappler followed by a punt kick that would’ve sent Roy’s head through the proverbial uprights. A Brazilian kick leads to Dern’s first takedown of the night and she’s in side control instantaneously.

With Roy sitting up against the cage Dern then forces her to stand, pulling her skyward with underhooks. A couple knees lead to the separation.You can her the next right hook Dern whiffs on, however, she is piling on the pressure. The left hook finds the mark. Roy eventually circles back out to the middle of the LFA Octagon.

Roy fires off a counter right hand again to go with a pair of leg kicks. Dern moves on and rushes her for underhook control again. She lands an elbow but is caught off guard by a leather coming from the left from Roy. It’s back to the center now with a little over 90 seconds. She goes high with a right roundhouse kick.

The counter rights from Roy set up a high kick that reaches the back of Dern’s head but she’s still on her feet and delivers a leg to the chest. Dern slips in the final seconds but this bout will continue.

Round 2

Roy is backing as Dern gets wild with swings as she chases her. The Phoenix, Arizona-based fighter forces a takedown on Roy after a leg sweep and is back in side control. She’s tied up Roy’s head and an arm for control to advance to full mount for ground n’ pond. There’s still three minutes left in the frame.

Dern looks to possibly going for an arm as she traps the right with a knee. Roy positions herself to use her legs to push off the cage but gives Dern a prime set-up for an armbar. She decides to instead maintain full mount and strike from on top. The MMA Lab prospect works for a triangle choke heading into the third.

Round 3

Roy comes out looking aggressive. She hits paydirt with a right roundhouse-jab combination. Dern looks for another clinch but doesn’t prevail. A right hook misfires. Roys blast home a left hook to the ribs and Dern smiles. She chases Roy and again lands a right kick, this time to the stomach before pursuing the double-leg, which Roy squirms out of.

A right punch hits nothing for Dern. She looks for a spinning back fist. Roy copies the movement but seems to catch her with an elbow. They flurry just before three minutes are gone from the clock. Dern slips and recovers.

One of a series of leg kicks is caught by Dern. She lands a couple blows from inside Roy’s guard including a hammerfist on the way to going 3-0.

Mackenzie Dern def. Katherine Roy by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28

The Rest of the Card

  • Richard Odoms def. William Hoffman via KO/TKO at 1:25 of Round 2

  • Gleidson Cutis def. Dimitre Ivy via Grapevine Leglock at 2:31 of Round 1

  • Anthony Ivy def. Arthur Ashton via Rear-Naked Choke at 2:04 of Round 1

  • Damian Alfaro def. William Walker via Triangle Choke in Round 1 (Time Unavailable)

  • Jonathan Gomez def. Patrick Ferguson via D’Arce Choke in Round 3 (Time Unavailable)

  • Marcell Mickens def. Tomas Suarez via KO/TKO in Round 2 (Time Unavailable)

Total Finish Rate: 7 Finishes/ 9 Fights (78 percent)

Results via Tapology.com

The highest previous finish rate percentage record was set at LFA 1: Peterson vs. Higo with 12 of 16 fights being stoppages (75 percent.)