UFC, Dana White File for Dismissal of Hunt Lawsuit

Mark “The Super Samoan” Hunt previously filed a lawsuit against the UFC, UFC President Dana White, and (the now twice-retired) Brock Lesnar. Lesnar defeated Hunt by way of unanimous decision. It was later revealed that Lesnar failed two separate drug tests due to the presence of Hydroxy-clomiphene during out-of-competition and fight night testing.

The UFC is now trying to get the case thrown out. Hunt is suing the parties involved for racketeering, fraud, negligence and breach of contract and more due to the tests as Hunt feels the UFC new about the test and the fight went on as planned anyway.

The event was intended to be a one-off for Lesnar, who was granted an exemption from needing to enter the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) testing pool, a process that requires an athlete to sit out for four months prior to competition.

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The lawsuit was made public just after Hunt’s next bout against Alistair Overeem, who also previously tested positive for a banned substance in his career. Hunt took the fight even while suing his employer to continue providing for his family. The bout takes place this weekend at UFC 209 in Las Vegas at the T-Mobile Arena, a fight Hunt alleges he was forced to take or he would face breach of contract himself.

UFC attorney J. Colby Williams of the firm Campbell and Williams wrote:

“There is no guarantee that Hunt would have prevailed in his bout with Lesnar at UFC 200 even if the latter had not tested positive for a prohibited estrogen blocker.” “Nor is there any guarantee that a Hunt victory at UFC 200 would have resulted in the wholly unspecified ‘promotional and marketing opportunities’ Hunt claims to have lost.”

Read the full motion to dismiss here.

The court overseeing the case may now throw out individual claims made by Hunt or possibly his entire case. The situation is ongoing.

Updated 3/2/17: Hunt shares his thought with the media ahead of UFC 209