LFA 4— Night of Champions

The Legacy Fighting Alliance (LFA) is the premier developmental organization in MMA.

Jackson vs. Aguilar (Featherweight Championship)

After weeks of back-and-forth chatter, a longstanding rivalry that had carried over from the day of Legacy FC was finally put to bed by Kevin Aguilar.

Round 1

A body shot from Aguilar is the first to land. A left almost drops Jackson inside the first minute. An uppercut whiffs for “The Leech” followed by a kick to the ribs. They trade jabs as Jackson keeps to the outside and “The Angel of Death” in Aguilar tries to get in close and explode.

Fakes and feints eat up a lot of the clock. A punt kick and right hand go wide for Jackson. An Aguilar left jab whips Jackson’s head back. He returns with an outside leg and roundhouse kicks. Aguilar leaves the imprint of his right fist on the side of Jackson’s head. Another left jab to Jackson beforehand that dropped him a second time in the opening round may have put him ahead.

Round 2

Jackson rushes out with his own jab and connects with a right. He plants his rival against the fence with a double-leg. Aguilar swings up from the bottom as Jackson stacks him up, putting his feet over his head. This bout again becomes a boxing match shortly thereafter. Nothing of note takes place and Jackson forces a return to the ground.

Elbows to the head mixed with body shots from half guard force Aguilar to move. When he does, Jackson tries for a guillotine choke to no avail. The round ends with an elbow to the spine of Aguilar that goes unseen by the referee. This followed by a possibly questionable elbow to the side of the head, but the even fight continues.

Round 3

Aguilar has developed a swelling hematoma and Jackson is coming at him with shots to the jaw, pressuring with a short clinch, and dropping to another guillotine. Jackson has been pressed awkwardly against the cage and Aguilar nearly takes his back. The situation is averted, but Aguilar remains above him before Jackson forces a stand-up.

Two minutes are left. Both men are tired and even though he seems to be ahead in this round, Jackson has started swinging wildly. Jackson tries for a multitude of kicks that don’t connect: a front kick, spinning back kick, and side-kick. They exchange again for a moment but Aguilar remains evasive. Then it happens—while backing away, the reaper tags Jackson with a right hook from hell to stiffen him like a board.

Aguilar left the crowd chanting one thing: “UFC!”

(C) Kevin Aguilar def. Damon Jackson via KO/TKO at 4:05 of Round 3

Lee vs Bassett (W. Flyweight Championship)

Thanks to her body of work between Invicta FC and Legacy FC, Andrea “KGB” Lee has been quietly building both her fight résumé and reputation. Last night in Bossier City, she put herself in martial arts history books for all of time (alongside the abovementioned Kevin Aguliar) by being the first woman to capture a championship (125 pounds) in the LFA over Heather “Handguns” Bassett.

Round 1

Lee, the favorite at -1300, rips off a left hand to the liver when Bassett fails to connect with a roundhouse kick. The commentators note that Bassett’s hands are low and her chin is high— a great way to get stopped. Lee is missing by inches but eventually finds success with multiple clinch knees.

Lee forces her shin into Bassett’s liver and rocks her with a right-left combo to back her against the fence. It’s a wonder how Bassett is still on her feet even this early. When they tie up again, an elbow from “KGB” just misses. It’s all knees before they separate ahead of another elbow-right hand. The guns are jammed for Bassett, who (in spite of an uppercut) has been mostly suppressed for three minutes to this point.

The contest goes to the ground with Lee on top in half guard. It’s elbows and knees from mount and side control to end the round.

Round 2

Basset enters the middle frame with a “golf ball”-sized hematoma on her forehead thanks to Lee’s handiwork. She throws a high kick while Lee goes for a punch and Bassett appears to fall backward. Lee gets another takedown but Bassett rolls through it and now she’s on top in half guard. Bassett lands short lefts but goes for a rear-naked choke a little too quickly. Lee is once again in control.

“Handguns” closes her guard to try and lock her opponent in place, but Lee brings the action back to the feet with just over 90 seconds left in the round. Bassett has a front kick caught and takes a right straight to the face. Lee wraps her up and tosses her down.

They clinch until Lee slips on a kick. She’s able to recover and get top position when Bassett doesn’t react in time. Bassett connects with a couple right hands to the back of Lee going into what would turn out to be the last round of a fight set for five. Still, she ended the second on bottom.

Round 3

A clinch battle takes up much of the opening minute before spilling to the canvas with Lee leading the dance. Bassett’s hematoma is now the size of an “avocado” according to play-by-play man Michael Schiavello. Lee takes the back and tries to get a rear-naked, originally from the standing position, but Bassett folds.

Yet again Lee transfers to full mount and rains down elbows. While still in the position, she sees a chance for an armbar, sets her legs up to trap the arm and leans back. Bassett rolls to her stomach, but Lee stills gets the tap-out to become both the women’s 125-pound and first overall women’s LFA champion.

(C) Andrea Lee def. Heather Bassett via Armbar at 3:40 of Round 3

The Rest of the Card

  • Derrick Krantz def. Hayward Charles via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

  • Bryan Billiot def. David Bosnick via Heel Hook at 0:57 of Round 2

  • Chauncey Foxworth def. Nicholas Jackson via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

  • Brandon Shavers def. Mike Murphy via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27,30-27)

  • Jesse Butler def. Ricky Murphy via Unanimous Decision (Score Unavailable)

  • Kendrick Williams def. Edward Longoria via KO/TKO at 2:00 of Round 2

  • Jared Owen def. Aaron Trecell via Armbar at 3:44 of Round 1

  • Ariel Jaurez def. Robin White via Triangle Choke at 4:10 0f Round 1

  • Zach Albritton def. Berto Grimaldo via Unanimous Decision (Score Unavailable)

  • Jessica Sotack def. Victoria Leonardo via Unanimous Decision (Score Unavailable)

  • Jake Foster def. Michael Mintz via Triangle Choke at 0:45 of Round 1

Total Finish Rate: 7 Finishes/13 Fights (53 percent)