UFC Showcases Performance Institute

The world leader in mixed martial arts has been developing a new corporate campus for some time. Now, the rest of the fight world has gotten its first peek at the new grounds through the developing UFC Performance Institute.

The finished product is estimated to be 30,000 square feet and is expected to be fully unveiled in late April or early May.

Perhaps similar to the WWE Performance Center in Orlando and facilities of other major mainstream sports leagues, housed inside the institute will be a full-size boxing ring and the UFC’s patented Octagon along with a weight room, kitchen, and areas for physical therapy, hydrotherapy, cryotherapy, etc…There will also be a video viewing area to analyze training footage like in WWE.

The facility will require millions of dollars annually to operate, but is free to UFC athletes and will always be available for use by those and athletes and their coaches thanks to a full-time staff.

“The goal of this facility is three-fold,” UFC Chief Operating Officer Lawrence Epstein said. “No. 1, we want to give our athletes the opportunity to train the latest and greatest techniques to increase their performance in the octagon. No. 2, we want to give them the opportunity to train safely in a manner that prevents injuries from taking place.

“And No. 3, as we all know, I don’t care what sport you’re involved in – golf, tennis, football, basketball – sports produce injuries. So when those injuries, unfortunately, do occur, we want to make sure the athletes have a resource to have best-in-class rehabilitation from surgeries or to rehab from injuries they’ve sustained that don’t even require surgery. So that’s the goal of this facility. We’re really, really proud of what we’ve achieved.”

The institute will only part of a new workspace for the company with offices for behind-the-scenes UFC staff on-site. Originally named the UFC Athlete Health and Performance Center, each space will be named after greats of the sport. An Anderson Silva Conference Room and Ronda Rousey restaurant were specifically named in an initial report by USA Today’s MMAJunkie.com.

The company broke ground on their new headquarters on December 1, 2015, and current information (former executive Lorenzo Fertitta of the Zuffa ownership) still has that the total size of the campus being 180,000 square feet.