Freelance: Post-Fight Report EFN 53 - Yasubey Enomoto vs. Vladimir Mineev

Russia’s Eurasia Fight Nights promotion may be making a name for itself by being the home of MMA legend “The Last Emperor” Fedor Emelianenko, but it’s also home to Yasubey Enomoto, a seasoned fighter known as “The Swiss Samurai.”

Urobach proudly produce the Enomoto Signature MMA Shorts for Yasubey Enomoto who’s previously built up a split record of 15-8 but when he found himself back in a cage in his in the notoriously tough city of Moscow to face hometown favorite and unbeaten (7-0) finisher Vladimir Mineev, he was the main event. With Enomoto’s back against the wall and something to prove, the action gets underway.


The visitor comes out strong, surrendering only a thigh kick while firing off an overhand blast in response during the opening seconds. It misses, but Mineev is still forced to back up when a left hook comes his way. Mineev tries to be the aggressor and takes a kick to the ribs for his effort. Enomoto’s forehead then takes a knee but he continues on unfazed.

Around two minutes in there is a shot below the belt from Mineev but action progresses without pause. Enomoto is constantly trying to close the distance, ‘fighting on a napkin’ and this time he is the one that gets caught low. The official checks on him as the clock continues to run down.

Over the course of the remaining 2:20 Mineev keeps things focused on boxing as he sprinkles in body kicks. His adversary, Enomoto looks to be down a round and then strikes like a viper with a brief knockdown now to his credit.

Mineev recovers and the contest moves to the second round. Enomoto may very well have taken the first as none of the Russian’s attempts went unanswered with Mineev being tangled in the clinch position ahead of the horn.


In the middle stanza Enomoto’s torso is consistently open to body kicks that turn the tables on him for a moment. The frenzy is ended with the planned front kick by Mineev though. After a couple of missed high kicks later from Mineev the action heads to the ground for the first time.

Mineev lets Enomoto escape before he can fully take the back for a shot at a rear-naked choke and they’re standing once more. Mineev’s jabs set up an eventual clinch and he avoided a flying knee midway through the frame as this bout as the bout becomes closer on the scorecards with Enomoto appearing to be the man ahead. Kicks have now become the center of his Mineev’s offence though and he’s scoring with them.

Enomoto gets caught on the chin and dropped late before a takedown and spends almost all of the last round on his back. Time drains and “The Samurai” needs to take the third.


This display of boxing is beginning to reach its climax as Enomoto paws his way inside, looking for his opening. He takes another kick to the torso and Mineev side-steps a lunging left but gets wild with some left-right combo action. Mineev’s jabs are finding more success as he presses forward. The Russian’s head is low and he seems to be eyeing up a takedown about a minute and a half into the third.

Mineev (the owner of five KOs) keeps tagging Enomoto (the owner of five submissions) but receives a right hook-left jab as he moves to close. A counter jab whips Enomoto’s head back like a car accident. The clock runs out shortly thereafter.

Vladimir Mineev def. Yasubey Enomoto via Unanimous Decision


A rematch with Mineev is possibly in the works but Enomoto’s next battle will come in the form of Poland’s practically untouchable 12-3 UFC veteran Maciej Jewtuszko at Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki 37: Circus of Pain. Enomoto will make his return to KSW after having previously faced Aslambek Saidov at KSW 34: New Order back in March.


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