UFC 205- Woodley vs. Thompson

Current UFC welterweight champion Tyron “The Chosen One Woodley”, a St. Louis native and current resident took home “Fight of the Night” honors following the promotion’s debut in “The Big Apple.” However, Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson may still be in his rear-view mirror.

Thompson is the first to lash out, unleashing a high kick that hits wind. It’s the wrestling of the University of Missouri product opposite him that pays dividends first as Woodley gets him to the canvas and works from Thompson’s half guard with southpaw punches to the body and ground and pound. He laces up the legs of the sport karate fighter and 57-0 kickboxer. Elbows cut him early and get Woodley off to a great start.

A spin kick and knee to the torso are offered up by Thompson as “T-Wood” spends the majority of the round dirty boxing his challenger and trying to grapple once more. A combination of a body punch and left straight keeps things even. The third would then been a real toss-up as it takes the champion about three minutes to connect with a jab-leg kick combo as Thompson changes his fight stance. He takes consecutive overhand rights just before the horn.

Woodley brings back the right in the fourth, giving him his first and only knockdown of the 25-minute confrontation. He then pulls ahead in the round with a guillotine choke attempt that he later said lasted 45 seconds to a minute. It would take him the first couple minutes of the fifth round to get the energy back in his arms. Thompson would have the last word of this round though with ground and pound of his own.

The final round is roughly half over before the action escalates again but it’s Thompson who is landing with punches two at a time at this point. Woodley lands another kick but whiffs on the go-to overhand right from earlier in the night. This contest is very much still that. “Wonderboy” sneaks in a last jab to the midsection as the fight goes to the judges.

After an error by the judges/ Octagon announcer Bruce Buffer that saw Woodley get the “W”, the result was then corrected. (C) Tyron Woodley retains the UFC welterweight championship by way of a Majority Draw (47-47, 47-47, 48-47.) A rematch now seems imminent.