Aldo says intentions are to “no longer fight”

With the booking of Alvarez vs. McGregor set in stone some time ago for UFC 205 even after it was said that “Notorious” Conor McGregor “must” defend his UFC featherweight championship or be stripped of the belt, interim champion Jose Aldo has had enough.

Aldo promptly asked for his release from the organization.

“After all of this, I see I can’t trust a single word from president Dana White and that the person in charge of the event now is Conor McGregor,” Aldo said. “Since I’m not here to be McGregor’s employee, I ask for my contract with the UFC to be terminated.

“When they suggested the fight against Frankie Edgar, Dana said the winner of this fight would either be McGregor’s challenger or have the linear belt, because if he didn’t return to the featherweight division after the Nate Diaz rematch he’d lose the belt.” “After so many times being lied to, I don’t feel motivated to fight in the UFC anymore.”

The request was almost immediately denied by UFC President Dana White. Aldo then said that he had no desire to return to the sport of MMA even if he did get the second McGregor fight. Word then came from Aldo’s management that he would be willing to go to court to officially put an end to his career. Prior to a meeting with the UFC brass earlier this week, the fighter and former holder of a decade-long unbeaten streak said:

“It’s not a matter of retiring, of who I’m fighting, I have other projects in my life. I wanted to retire as a champion, and now I’m a [interim] champion, so that’s it. It’s not about fights or anything like that. It’s about me wanting to go a different path.

“(UFC President Dana White) can offer whatever he wants. I started getting demotivated way back, when I lost the belt. I think due to the fact that I’d been champion for so long, I was entitled to an immediate rematch. They didn’t give me that, and made me fight Frankie Edgar even though I didn’t want to fight anymore.”

This week’s meeting went “exactly as expected” while his release is yet to come, that remains his goal. He is not just leaving the UFC, but the sport as a whole after having expressed no interest in moving to another organization.