UFC and USADA Announce Changes for Fighter Arbitration

Effective on the first of next month, changes to the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency’s program with the UFC come as a bit of good news for the organization’s 600+ competitors.

The filing fee for disputing a sanction has been reduced to with fighters also being able to regain their money in the event that USADA finds “No Fault/No Negligence” in their case. Read the updated rules here.

The agency has also established a filing fee refund schedule that reads, in short:

“100% of the filing fee, after the initial deduction of the minimum, non-refundable charge, will be refunded if the case is settled or withdrawn prior to the appointment of the single/first Arbitrator by the Chief Arbitrator…”

50 percent would be refunded after that appointment with a fighter receiving 25 percent after the pre-hearing scheduling conference and the filing of any contested motions and/or pre-hearing briefs.

USADA said in a statement, “These changes will make arbitration more accessible for athletes, while still upholding the integrity of the arbitration process. The changes modify the original Arbitration Rules implemented under the UFC Anti-Doping Policy when it launched in July 2015.”