Freelance: Cast Member Removed from “Lookin’ For a Fight”

Former UFC Welterweight Champion Matt “The Terror” Serra was a guest on the most recent of UFC Octagon Announcer Bruce Buffer’s “It’s Time” podcast on which he revealed why Nick “The Tooth Gullo wasn’t on the last episode of “Dana White: Lookin’ For a Fight”–he was removed.

The primary issue resulted after Gullo initially called out Serra and then lost a one-sided jiu-jitsu match.

“I’m a black belt and have been since 2000. I’m the first American black belt under Renzo Gracie…I’m not gonna start bragging about my credentials, but I love jiu-jitsu and I’ve been on the mat awhile, and I’m a Jedi and whatnot. He’s a blue belt that won the old man Worlds, the 40-and-over Worlds, the Mundials.

So, he won that thing at blue belt, so I don’t know if the guy thinks I’m walking around a little chubby, that I’m on the couch, that I’m not rolling, maybe I like some pasta, so if I roll, he can get me at a moment of weakness. Where I come from, that’s a callout. I’m old school. You don’t say, ‘Hey man, let’s settle the grappling…Of course, I’m gonna tap the guy like a typewriter…”

Following the exhibition loss, Gullo said to Serra on a phone call that while he felt it was a pleasure to have the exhibition, he felt that he couldn’t let the defeat air on television, in Serra’s opinion after not getting the outcome he wanted.

Gullo felt that the match (as well as a show segment that featured Gullo, Serra, and UFC President Dana White taking a blast from a taser) was a set-up.

“I cannot let that air with the rolling because it will bring shame to Mendes Brothers, my professors,” Gullo said. “…He says, ‘I thought it would be a good bit for the show.’ I go, ‘Well you got your bit, but you didn’t like the outcome, so what? Now you don’t want it to be shown? It’s bulls***.”

White later revealed to Serra that he “almost got into a fistfight at an Agent Orange concert” over the issues. Gullo was then replaced as a cast member by former UFC fighter and opponent-turned-friend over Serra, Din Thomas for July’s Episode 7.