Freelance: UFC Vet Blasts Company, UFC Signs Bellator Prospect

Despite not yet having set foot in Bellator MMA’s cage, Rory MacDonald is already loving his new work environment.

“(It is a) big difference,” MacDonald said at a post-Bellator 160 news conference. “The production of the show stands out right away – the big screens, the entrances. They do it bigger. They do it right here. It’s a fight show here – they want to promote a fighter, they want to build it. It’s not generic where everyone’s wearing the same thing – we get to be our own individual selves, promote ourselves. Where I was before, everyone’s wearing the same uniforms now, we’re all walking out of the same boring dressing rooms and gate. It’s boring. People are tired of that.”

At the same conference, MacDonald opened up to the media as to when to expect him to put on a pair of four-ounce gloves again.

"It’s going to be in 2017,” MacDonald continued. “I’m going to say summer, but we’ll see what happens. It could be before that, but definitely 2017. I want to give my nose 100 percent time to heal. Last time, I didn’t give it the time I was supposed to. I was too hungry to get back in there and spar with guys and fight. I really have to pump the brakes on this one because I can’t be taking a year off between every fight. I’m going to give it the time it needs to heal back to 100 percent, and then hopefully I can fight once a quarter.”

A major factor among others was a desire on both ends to bring the Viacom-owned company to the Canadian’s home soil. As for his signing, he went on to say that he suffered no “sleepless nights” during the process.

In other news, Poland’s Marcin Held is headed to the big show after fighting out his Bellator contract. The UFC announced the signing Tuesday. A date and opponent for his Octagon debut will be announced in the future. Held enters the promotion with an overall record of 22-4. His last fight for Bellator was a unanimous decision victory over Dave Jensen in May.

Held will fight alongside Bellator alumni and fellow Lightweights “Ill” Will Brooks and current champion Eddie Alvarez. He made his first appearance yesterday as part of the UFC’s stop in Hamburg, Germany.

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