Rio ’16: Taekwondo Recap

After suffering the loss of Steven Lopez by a whopping 14-5 score during Day 14 of the Rio games, the last hope for Team USA in taekwondo in Jackie Galloway. Galloway was on the rebound after being taking three hits in the “golden point” overtime period in her bout with Mexico’s Maria Espinoza earlier in Day 15.

“It was as close as it could’ve been,” Galloway said to after the fight. “We had a game plan in place. I feel I executed the game plan. She wasn’t as aggressive as she normally is, so that’s where my opportunities in the past have been opened up. She just kind of sat more or ran a little bit, so it wasn’t giving me much to work with, but she’s just a really smart competitor.”

She faced Gwladys Epangue of France for the bronze.

A minute occurs with not much action aside from low kicks (kicks must land on a fighter’s colored chest pad or to the head) and a few clinches of sorts, forcing the two to be separated by the official.

When they go at it again, a kick lands for Galloway, dropping Epangue on her back as she goes for a spinning back kick in return (1-0.) Epangue also took an undisclosed penalty it seems as Galloway takes her lead into the third round.

Epangue starts the third off a little too aggressively, leaving space for Galloway to land a counter body kick and go up 2-0. She does score with a kick to the ribs to follow a punch, but the American takes the medal (2-1.)

“I expected to get farther,” Galloway said. “I was hoping to bring home the gold but just becoming an Olympic medalist and getting on that podium is amazing.”

Overall Medal Count through Day 15

USA: 121 (46G, 37S, 38B)

China: 70 (26G, 18S, 26B)

Great Britain:67 (27G, 23S, 17B)