Freelance: Jones Gets Deferred Sentence

The up-and-down personal life of the UFC’s Jon “Bones” Jones has hit its latest up. After already being on probation for his highly publicized hit-and-run incident that broke the arm of a pregnant woman in April of last year, Jones committed a violation early on after spending over a year and three months away from the Octagon and completing community service.

Most of the charges from that violation (unlawful drag racing, unlawful exhibition driving and failure to maintain traffic lane) were thrown out. According to joint sources TMZ and, Jones pleaded guilty to unlawful use of modification of exhaust systems and improper display of registration plate yesterday morning.

He was given a 90-day deferred sentence, $143 fine, and must complete another stint of community service (60 hours) along with attending driving school. He currently has 51 hours of service to his credit.

“He also needs approval from his probation officer every time he wants to drive.”

The “up” of a deferred sentence comes as he is waiting for the hammer to drop on a potential 2-year ban from competing due to a failed pre-UFC 200 drug test in which he tested positive for two separate estrogen blockers–common for those individuals coming off of a steroid cycle. Given that the situation is still pending, the UFC has not stripped Jones of the interim Light Heavyweight championship he won at UFC 197 as the did with his initial title following the hit-and-run.

Jones is serving an indefinite suspension until the situation further develops.