Freelance: Professional Fighters Association Formed

The battle for fighter rights in the sport of mixed martial arts (MMA) took possibly its biggest turn today with the formation of the Professional Fighters Association (PFA.) Although it’s not named specifically as in the case of the NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB Players Associations, the PFA is specifically targeting the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

It has been reported that the association will also be governed by the members of that roster.

The association is attempting to officially get recognition through the National Labor Relations Act. The executives behind the PFA wrote the following in both a press release and on their official website:

“As a strong labor union, the NFLPA recognized the need for athletes to have a collective voice and supports the efforts of the UFC athletes to stand together as a team to advocate for their rights as men and women,” executive director DeMaurice Smith said. The release continued, “The scales have been tipped in favor of the UFC for too long. It is time for the fighters, the one’s responsible for the UFC’s success, to receive their equal share.”

The PFA’s site revealed the revenue split percentages between the other leagues mentioned above and their athletes. The NBA and NHL are 50/50 while the MLB is 57/43, and the NFL is 52/48. UFC fighters take 15 percent of the organization’s total revenue.

Each of the big leagues offers all of the following benefits to which the UFC currently offers none.

Additional needs listed included life insurance, uniform fight contracts, the ranking system, and drug policy.