Rio ’16: Combat Recap through Day 6


The U.S. might not be leading in judo through Day 6, but Kayla Harrison amazed on the mat today with four straight wins but 100-point match-ending ippon en route to a second consecutive gold medal at 78 kg before retiring from judo after 26 years. USA Today reported that three of her matches ended in under two minutes.

“I’m happy, I’m retiring,” she said.“Two-time Olympic champion. That’s it.”

She won gold over France’s Audrey Tcheumeo with an armlock submission.

“I think no matter what my judo legacy is fulfilled and I’m happy and happy with my career,”she said. “Now it’s time to go and continue to have a legacy off the mat and try to change the world.”

Because of aspects outside of competition, Harrison has ruled out a move to MMA for now.


The medal awarding for boxing is still some time off but Team USA’s chances are looking great as they continued the dominance through Day 5. After Nico Hernandez scored a unanimous decision at Light Flyweight during Day 3, Carlos Balderas did the same at Lightweight during Day 4. The Americans then lost Charles Conwell on the same day during the Middleweight round of 32.

Gary Antuanne Russell moved to Light Welterweights round of 16 with a 3-0 UD during Day 5. Hernandez moved to the semi-finals in his division.

Overall Medal Count

Team USA is still atop the standing with 38 medals (16G, 12S, 10B.) They lead against China’s 30 (11G, 8S, 11B) and Japan’s 22 (7G, 2S, 13B.)