Mitrione Gets 2nd KO/TKO in 22 Days at Bellator 158

After what could be described as a “middle of the pack” run in the UFC, Matt “Meathead” Mitrione is rising quickly within Bellator MMA. On the same night that he defeated Carl “Badwater” Semumanutafa with a come from behind first round knockout, the Illinois-native Heavyweight’s next bout was immediately announced: July 15- Bellator 158 in London.

Mitrione suffered an early blast in his debut in St. Louis that quite possibly could have turned out his lights, but after the win he passed all medical testing to face the former European strongman Oli Thompson.

Thompson charges across the cage and throws a front kick. Not long after that, the duo brawl. Mitrione connects with a right uppercut. They clinch. Thompson works through a low blow. As they seperate, it’s Mitrione charging now with Thai clinch knees. Thompson connects with his own uppercut, but fails miserably on a takedown that sees him get hurled to the floor.

As the clock reads 1:20 left in the round, they both look as if they’ve gassed out their arms. Thompson lands to the body then head. The bell sounds as Round 1 ends in another up close and personal dirty boxing session.

The first minute passes without much more than a right from Thompson to counter a tapping left cross. Both are now keeping distance in mind. Leg kicks carry the round to the next combo from Mitrione with two minutes to go. Of the two, he is showing to be more durable and having better cardio. Thompson is beginning to sway. Right hook-left hook-repeat and Thompson faceplants.

Matt Mitrione def. Oli Thompson via KO at 4:21 of Round 2