Guillard Rebounds at Bellator 159 against Rickels

33-year-old Melvin “The Young Assassin” Guillard got his first win inside the Bellator cage after beginning his run with the promotion at 0-2 with one loss being by way of knockout. Before topping the Kansas favorite in Rickels, Guillard was 1-3 overall since his release from the UFC in 2014.

Shining in the co-main event spot of Bellator 159, he took home the win by finish in just over two minutes.

Guillard starts pouring on the attack up top while Rickels looks to take out his base with kicks. Rickels gets a hand up to block a pair of overhand rights, bud the thud of the blows can clearly be heard. Switching to southpaws ends with the same result. Rickels lands another outside leg kick, bud is advancing in on Guillard with his hands relatively low. They clinch when Guillard catches a leg and he takes a parting knee to the forehead.

Rickels leads with a left before a follow-up knee against the fence. An inside thigh kick forces a pause when it connects with Guillard’s cup. They reset. Rickels fakes with an underhook and hits his mark with an uppercut to the abdomen. The two men tie up at the at the fence again with the end near.

Guillard’s right hand is free in the clinch and lands at will on the side of the head of his opponent. Once elbows enter into the picture, the official calls things off.

Melvin Guillard def. David Rickels via KO at 2:14 of Round 1