UFC Chicago Results- Herrig: “I’m Back!”

*Written on location w/ Colin “Mitch” Mitchell – United Center, Chicago IL

For Chicago’s own Felice “Lil Bulldog” Herrig, the UFC’s annual return to her hometown was an important one. The former Strawweight contender was at one time ranked #9 in the world in her division in the Unified Women’s MMA Rankings. Upon being medically suspended after her last fight, a loss to UFC posterchild Paige Van Zant, Herrig hadn’t seen action for 460 days.

Herrig entered the fight with a 10-6 overall record in MMA and a 23-5 kickboxing record but is just 1-1 as a part of the UFC. Falling remarkably far down the ladder since The Ultimate Fighter‘s 20th season, her opponent in Kailin Curran was 1-2 in the UFC before their bout. Both had something to prove.

Unlike the energetic Curran, Herrig walked out composed and focused if not a little worried. Her lap around the ring showed none of this as her hometown of Crystal Lake was announced.

The “Bulldog” wasted no time opening with pressure punches and front kicks. Curran let Herring determine the pace but returned in kind. Herring caught a kick and put Curran on the ground and turned a half guard into back mount and Curran stood and fell with Herrig glued on behind her. Herring body triangles Curran. Getting her arm under Curran’s chin only took a matter of time.

After being “burnt out” and having nothing “left to give”, Herrig’s fire returned in the form of a Rear-Naked Choke.

“…Everything was about just being relaxed. I was scared about how I would be able to fight at the best of my abilities feeling this anxious. I will for sure continue fighting. I thought if I couldn’t get my nerves under control that maybe it wasn’t for me, but today I won.” “People say you have the pressure of fighting in your hometown and I definitely had a little of that, but at the end of they day I fed off the Chicago energy and it was great.”

Felice Herrig def. Kailin Curren via Rear-Naked Choke at 1:59 of Round 1