UFC 200- Lesnar Does What Lesnar Wants to Hunt

In the first-ever UFC bout to feature a competitor currently under contract with the WWE, the returning Brock Lesnar put his amateur skills on display against knockout artist, Mark “Super Samoan” Hunt.

The first two minutes pass with only a couple of leg kicks and point-fighting jabs as both mean ease into this battle. With 2:50 on the clock in the first Lesnar gets the chasing takedown he had been looking for.

A handful of rights follow, but the fight returns to the ground. Lesnar looks for a Kimura lock like Daniel Cormier before him (the move was modified for professional wrestling and is now a signature of Lesnar’s.) Ground-and-pound and a second completed double-leg ends the opening minutes.

After striking from Lesnar that was duplicated from Round 1, Hunt is again taken off his feet. The WWE’s “Mayor of Suplex City” is pushed against the cage but counters by popping Hunt. For a man making his return to the Octagon after five years away, Lesnar is doing well enough by leading at the halfway point. Hunt keeps Lesnar in the underhook position once they stand until it’s time for the final round.

A right to the temple with the third now just underway is arguably the most impressive bit of offense from Hunt. For Lesnar the answer is yet again his NCAA Heavyweight championship-winning wrestling as he is successful with another double-leg. Hunt tries to remain active in defending himself, but work in full-mount from the crossover star is just too much.

Brock Lesnar def. Mark Hunt via Unanimous Decision (29-27, 29-27, 29-27)