UFC 200- “DC” Gets UD Against “The Spider”

In what had been described as an “emotional rollercoaster” for Daniel Cormier, the champion at 205 pounds did get to step inside the cage at the UFC biggest event in company history. After having his title fight removed from the card and later taking a half-million dollar pay cut, Cormier scraped with a man widely considered the greatest of all time: Anderson Silva.

The fight went largely as expected given that Silva originally was coming to Las Vegas to be a part of the UFC Fan Expo earlier in the week. He was supposed to just sign autographs but found himself wearing gloves around 48 hours later.

Silva was staring at the lights of the T-Mobile Arena within the first 60 seconds due to the wrestling of the Olympian Cormier. The native of the home of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu avoids anything of real danger with Cormier in his guard. While full blasts might not have been available to the American Kickboxing Academy team member, elbows would suffice.

Cormier works on a Kimura lock before the rest period.

Silva trying for a body kick provides Cormier with the chance he needs to do the exact same thing in the second round.

He’s clearly avoiding throwing leather with a master of the art form at this point and it’s working. This time the submission of choice is the arm-triangle, but elbows eat away at the majority of the middle of this fight for Cormier. The fans are audibly unhappy, but he’s up 2-0.

The opponent might not be Jon Jones (who now faces a potential two-year ban from MMA and possibly legal issues for violating probation a second time after both drug test samples came back positive days before UFC 200) but the benefit of being conditioned for five rounds is showing for Cormier.

The highlight reel standup game of Silva is ducked by Cormier who lands a single-leg takedown and goes back to work. By now the fans are begging for this fight to return to the feet and eventually the participant oblige without the need for referee separation.

Cormier is blasted with a liver kick, a move that has the ability to usually shut fights and bodies down. The current face of 205 holds on, clinching until the physical quarrel is no more.

Daniel Cormier def. Anderson Silva via Unanimous Decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-26)