UFC 200- Aldo Eyes McGregor Rematch, Defeats Edgar

A perfect descriptor of last night’s Jose Aldo-Frankie Edgar feature bout might be: Hell hath no fury like the fire of a Brazilian. With Aldo’s 10-year undefeated streak and a single over Edgar in unanimous fashion in his return to the Octagon in roughly six months, he looks to face “The Notorious” Conor McGregor in a rematch to reclaim the UFC Featherweight championship.

Edgar and his partner in this tough-man tango connect at the shin with his flicking leg kicks. Aldo takes an early lead on the scorecards with chipping rights that will eventually add up and a classic stick-and-move strategy. Edgar takes a 3-2 combo from Aldo. The favorite son of Toms River, New Jersey changes levels but efforts to go to the floor are unproductive.

The two reset and begin to pepper each other again. A knee from Aldo takes the audience to the sound of the horn.

Aldo scores in southpaw stance but finds himself in some brief trouble as Edgar powers forward. The two are at the fence now as Edgar is shucked off and the duo spread out. A right hand pops Edgar dead center. “The Answer” has every aspect of a high kick-flurry punch set stopped by blocking and movement.

A gap between the the men is now forming as Aldo starts to further his lead with more rights. With Aldo now being able to consistently go to the well with that punch, Edgar tries to wrestle and is put on the canvas a second time before the break, Edgar continues to work on Aldo like an Axeman on a tree, leading with his kicks.

Aldo keeps things on the feet when his opponent dives in on him again. He underhooks the Brazilian after eating a left, but the result is the same. Clinch knees and a push kick allow Aldo to get the better of the exchange from in tight. They meet in the middle and reset.

A knee draws a reaction from those in attendance and send Edgar into recovery mode. A takedown is again mute effort on his part and the warriors keep their distance for the majority of the final minute before the fourth.

They wrap up the last ten minutes with Aldo letting his prey come to him. Edgar continues to try and bring down the tree, mixing in straight rights but still falling behind. Aldo’s head is on a swivel while the blood of Edgar starts to flow. Aldo finds success with a jab-overhand right pairing. Edgar exerts himself in throwing the low kick again.

A jab caps the round, almost flooring Edgar. From there, almost all offense attempted is from Edgar, but little is landing as Aldo conserves his energy and looks for his opportunities.

Aldo circles away the fifth on his way to the win.

Jose Aldo def. Frankie Edgar via Unanimous Decision (49-46, 49-46, 48-47)