Suarez TUF 23 Strawweight Winner

Highly self-confident boxing prodigy Amanda Cooper was outmatched tonight in under five minutes by the Jiu-Jitsu of Ultimate Fighter 23 teammate Tatiana Suarez.

Cooper landed first but immediately gave up a takedown. On an island in the center of the cage, the women edge their way to the fence. Suarez appears to be firmly locked into the guard of Cooper but brings down offense from the dominant position.

Curled up in a ball by the fence, Cooper looks to secure an armbar and takes strikes above the waist. Suarez is eventually taken off her feet, but it means nothing as she gets a single-leg takedown. A little action is produced from side control before both are on their feet again.

After a minor adjustment, the Millennia MMA camp fighter swarms in, locking up a Brabo Choke. Referee John McCarthy doesn’t initially see the tap out from his angle, but things are eventually brought to a halt.

Tatiana Suarez def. Amanda Bobby Cooper via Submission (Brabo Choke) at 3:43, Round 1