IMMAF World Championships: Results (Days 1-4)

Day 4- 7/8/16- Results via IMMAF

Team USA finished the Semi-Finals at 3-2 for the day and 17-13 overall as a team. Check back for more! Full recap written coverage will be available when the tournament is live on UFC Fight Pass for the Finals.

-The country’s backslide in the competition started with the :50 TKO of Kelsey Gollihar by Finland’s Anette Osteberg at Women’s Flyweight (125 lbs.) (L)

-Men’s Bantamweight (135 lbs.) David Evans is a finalist with his Round 1 TKO (2:30) of Italian adversary Marco Zannetti. (W)

-Taryn Conklin (Women’s Featherweight- 145 lbs.) was out after an armbar finish at 1:32 of the first at the hands (or rather the hips) of Northern Ireland’s Leah Leah McCourt. (L)

-Dallas Jennings of the Men’s Middleweight (185 lbs.) division secured his path to glory by securing one hand behind the head and a forearm across the throat of Andrew Stanway. The Rear-Naked Choke came at 0:43 of Round 2 of their showdown. (W)

-Two-time and defending Men’s Welterweight (170 lbs.) IMMAF champion Will Starks has a shot at a third title after being favored in the judges numbers (Unanimous Decision) over Hardeep Rai from Great Britain. (W) Three American’s are heading to the Finals!

Day 3- 7/7/16

The United States had seven bouts on their docket for the third day of competition and the vibe of Day 2 seemed to hang in the air. A second consecutive rough start out of the gate to marked the midway point of the 2016 IMMAF World Championships. Day 3 ended with the U.S. at 4-4 for the day and 14-11 overall.

-Men’s Super Heavyweight (+265 lbs.) Jonathan Bradberry was choked out by way of a Rear-Naked at just 45 seconds by South Africa’s Dwain Meredith. (L) Men’s Welterweight (170 lbs.) Will Starks countered that with a TKO over Aussie Joseph Luciano at 2:58 of Round 3. (W)

-Women’s Flyweight (125 lbs.) competitor Ashley Hancock was then eliminated shortly thereafter after a stoppage from her corner at the end of her first round against New Zealand’s Jess Bradley. (L)

-Men’s Middleweight (185 lbs.) Dallas Jennings even things up with a Unanimous Decision victory over Englishman Tom Crosby. (W) Women’s Flyweight (125 lbs.) Kelsey Golihar produced the same result when paired with Czech Michaele Dostalova. (W)

-The squad took another devastating hit with the Split Decision elimination of Men’s Welterweight (170 lbs.) Benjamin Bennett following his clash with Alexander Martinez of Canada. (L)

-David Evans (Men’s Bantamweight- 135 lbs.) moved on following an always entertaining Standing Guillotine Choke. Spain’s Sergio Hortelano tapped out at 1:15.(W) Orlando Jimenez (Men’s Featherweight- 145 lbs.) then suffered a TKO from the UK’s Conor Hitchens to finish the day. (L)

Day 2: 7/6/16

Team USA finished Day 2 at 5-5 as a team (10-7 overall.)

-Men’s Welterweight (170 lbs.)

Defending IMMAF champion Will Starks went the distance in what even the organization itself later tweeted as a “classic” with Ireland’s Tyrone Quinn to end the day on a high note. (W) Men’s Middleweight (185 lbs.)-185-pounder Dallas Jennings was the brightest shining star of hope for the U.S. on an otherwise bleak day. He advanced by way of armbar with Ronda Rousey speed, getting the job done just 15 seconds in against Austrian Toni Stockmann. (W)

-Men’s Heavyweight (265 lbs.)/ Light Heavyweight (205 lbs.)/Featherweight (145 lbs.)

The U.S. sent in their big guns next, but for just under two minutes as Jason Simbro was put to sleep by way of a TKO from South African Simon Harle at 1:56. (L) Irvin Jones could not get the judges to vote in his favor after battling fighting Irishman James Sheehan for 15 minutes. (L) Sheehan’s temmate Eoghan Drumgoole eliminated Carlos Castro of Team USA after their bout went to the scorecards as well. (L)

-Men’s Welterweight (170 lbs.)/ Bantamweight (135 lbs.) Benjamin Bennett moves on after the second decision for the U.S. over Italy’s Gianluigi Ventoruzzo. (W) David Evans got the the third against Sambath Khun of the Great White North, Team Canada. (W)

-Men’s Light Heavyweight (205 lbs.)/ Lightweight (155 lbs.)

Adversity struck the team early from back-to-back losses. Italy’s Simone Cancelli advanced over Gary Battle Jr after a TKO at 2:19 of Round 1. (L) Gustavo Gomez succumbed to an armbar from New Zealand’s Jay Jay Wilson at the 1:36 mark of their second stanza. (L)

-Men’s Featherweight (145 lbs.)

The home of stars and stripes continued it’s winning ways with Team USA’s first win of Day 2, a second UD for Orlando Jimenez.Orlando Jimenez def. Lebanon’s Richard Saliba via Unanimous Decision. (W)

Day 1: 6/5/16

Team USA was well represented this morning in Las Vegas as 2015 IMMAF 170-pound World Champion Will Starks topped Denmark’s Danny Mathiasen by Split Decision in the first bout of the day. (W)

-Men’s Featherweight (145 lbs.)

Carlos Castro bested Eemil Kurhela of Finland via Unanimous Decision. (W)

-Men’s Flyweight (125 lbs.)

Carlos Hernandez took Great Britain’s Josh Neale to the limit before Neale got the surprising comeback submission at 1:24 of the third frame of their matchup. (L)

-Men’s Flyweight (125 lbs.)

Micky Pereira of Northern Ireland after Damien Newman failed to make weight. (L)

-Men’s Featherweight (145 lbs.)

Orlando Jimenez def. Ulrich Agbessi of Belgium via Unanimous Decision. (W)

-Men’s Welterweight (170 lbs.)

Benjamin Bennett got the Unanimous nod over Swede Oskar Biller. (W)

-Men’s Middleweight (185 lbs.)

Dallas Jennings put an exclamation point on the end of the day for the U.S. with the only finish of the day in favor of the Americans, a TKO in 89 seconds. (W)

Team USA finished Day 1 at 5-2 overall (with only one loss being the result of competition.)