Brooks Goes the Distance in UFC Debut

The night after former Bellator Lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez captured his first UFC title, one of the men now gunning for him made his first appearance under Zuffa’s lights. Only one fight in, Brooks looked to do the same as the new 155-pound belt holder.

“Ill Will” Brooks opened the fight with some standard inside leg kicks. His opponent Ross “The Real Deal” Pearson takes a tree trunk to the abdomen as they clench at the fence. Brooks is landing in the southpaw stance. He changes levels, possibly looking for a takedown.

Commentator Brian Stann thought he saw a small headbutt during the level change but they continue. Pearson continues to retreat. Another knee to end the first five minutes gets Brooks the round it appears.

Pearson finds his challenger pulling guard to begin Round 2 and lands on the money with #2’s. Brooks reacts with a highlight takedown that the commentary team takes note of. These two are close in the striking numbers as brooks looks to be offensive from the top, coming down on Pearson.

The UK native stays busy, but on the way back to the feet gives up his back in an effort to create space from the outsider. Nothing results, but back to the cage wall things go. Brooks lands an uppercut before Pearson forces separation again. Brooks fails to land a pair of knees but secures the middle round as well.

Now’s the point in the combat showcase that the wrestler shoots on the legs of Pearson. Time is called when Brooks takes an errant knee low. When they square off again, the established veteran Pearson is throwing rockets from the orthodox stance. A handful of punches score him points, but Brooks is still on his feet.

The combatants are now showing respect openly as Pearson immediately reacts to a one-two combo with blasts to the legs. A right makes Brooks thankful for his mouthguard, but he still has more energy in the gas tank. As the Chicagoan moves forward, he leaves himself open briefly and looks to be in trouble.

This looks to be Brooks worst spot in the fight. Angered, Brooks forces the action like a bull as Pearson is forced to his back. Clinch knees finish this off as the horn sounds.

Will Brooks def. Ross Pearson via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

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