Schilling Put to Sleep in St. Louis

*Written on location– Scottrade Center, St. Louis MO

Update- 6/25: For the main event recap of Dynamite 2, see Dan Ryno’s post here.

Bellator Kickboxing 2 followed directly after the hybrid Dynamite 2 event.


The rivalry between Joe “Stitch ‘Em Up” Schilling and Hisaki Kato is clearly evident as this rematch starts with Schilling forcing the action in an effort to avenge his loss to Kato at Bellator 139. The result of the skirmish was the same as the original regardless of the change in fight sport.

Schilling lands to kicks to the left leg of Kato before firing off a head kick attempt with a flurry of strikes in between. He’s then instantly forced backward by Kato to the ring ropes following a series of peppering shots capped off with a knee to the abdomen.

The “CRACK” of a Schilling leg kick reverberates throughout the arena as it connects with the shin of Kato. Schilling takes an uppercut from in close. A right from Schilling catches Kato square in the jaw before a push kick into a corner of the ring.

They trade positions as Schilling is now against the ropes. Another uppercut from Kato whips Schilling’s head back as they dance across the canvas. Kato is now landing a handful of blows at will. They appear to tie up in a brief clinch, of which Kato gets the better of with a short left hook before they separate again.

A knee to the body leads to an uneventful clinch. “Big John” McCarthy resets the combatants with under a minute left in the round.An emotional Schilling lands a pair of notable body shots before the bell.

With technique not appearing to be a concern, Schilling is the first to get popped in the second. The men trade low again before Kato lands a right. A right hook with zips by Kato with just over two minutes left. Schilling lumbers forward, finding success with a clinch knee before another separation.

When they engage again, Schilling is on the offensive. Deep, thudding body blows and another knee seem to be turning the tide for the Ohio native fighting out of L.A.

A push kick sees Kato backstep again before taking another combo on the chin. McCarthy sees something he doesn’t like and forces another break, but not before a pair of knees from Schilling that would definitely give the “Average Joe” more than an upset stomach.

As both men look for openings, Schilling finds one: Kato’s face is completely unprotected. A right bomb connects. Schilling tees off with smaller shots, initially failing to clinch again but backing Kato into a corner where he hits three knees in succession before another break from McCarthy.

Kato appears to be developing a hematoma while Schilling seems to have everything going his way with another uppercut. The men are broken up again as the frame enters its last half-minute.

Schilling lands another kick low, but at the cost of taking another countering right hand from his French-Japanese adversary.

The timekeeper signals that just ten seconds remain.

In the blink of an eye, a spinning backfist leave him limp. McCarthy calls off this contest with a buzzer-beater stoppage with only a second remaining in the round.

Hisaki Kato def. Joe Schilling via KO (Spinning Backfist) 2:59, Round 2