Thoughts on CM Punk’s Debut- September 10

To be honest, I didn’t think too much about the UFC announcing it’s new podcast“UFC Unfiltered with Jim Norton and Matt Serra” other than putting it on a list of cool things to check out. I also didn’t think too much about CM Punk being a guest beyond,“I’m a fan of his, I’ll get to it later. It’s probably nothing more than the usual speculation.”

Boy did I pick a podcast to miss! Punk said that he had been medically cleared “for everything.” The UFC later announced that Punk appeared on the show to say that he has an official date to put on his calendar: September 10. He faces New Jersey’s Micky Gall at UFC 203 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Now let’s get down to brass tax here as I remind you of what I wrote when the signing of Punk occurred last December: However you feel about the man, you know you’ll watch. I know it and you know it.

Perhaps it’s time we stopped fighting against matchups such as these. While a lot of fans look at similar matchmaking in Bellator and say, “There goes that crazy Bellator again!” like a Dad in a TV sitcom, the same thinking was applied with Punk and the one-off return of Brock Lesnar for July’s UFC 200- the fight doesn’t mean nearly as much as dollars.

You’ll watch because if you’ve followed the road to how we got here, chances are you feel some way about Punk.

I think more than the fight, I’ll be most impressed with a social media loser who doesn’t leave a comment along the lines of: “Punk got lucky”, “He’s got to be on something (like Lesnar.) Drug test him!” (even though he’s Straight Edge,) “Gall was a garbage opponent!” or some form of “Blah, blah…WWE fake wrestler-guy…I told you so” in the event of defeat.

Is it right for someone’s first-ever MMA fight to be in the UFC, perhaps not. As Dominic Cruz reminded me when I listened to a recent interview though, life isn’t fair. The method to the madness has already been explained and the

UFC can expect to take it’s UFC 203 cash haul to the bank in truck loads. Regardless of the outcome, the thing to admire is the fortitude it take any being to fight (celebrity or not.) Social media sites will never be a real battleground.