St. Pierre Looking to Fight Again

Earlier today during an appearance on’s “The MMA Hour”, a man who has often been called one of the best to ever step in the UFC Octagon announced that he will being doing so again.

35-year-old George “Rush” St. Pierre said, “I love my sport and I still feel I’m at my best right now. The clock is running. I’m not getting any younger. I’m in the peak of my career and if there is a shot, there is another goal, another run, I better do it and do it quick, because it is time to do it now.”

Fans have been clamoring for the French Canadian’s return to action since his exit in 2013, which saw him go out as UFC Welterweight (170 lbs.) belt holder after a six-year-long run with nine consecutive defenses.

St. Pierre still kept training a part of his daily routine and cornered fellow Tristar teammates during his time away, but recently put himself through a full camp–which he considered a success.

Although he never officially declared himself as retired, St. Pierre said that his management is still negotiating with UFC on his return. No other information was announced at the time. “Rush” last fought “The Natural Born Killer” Carlos Condit on November 12, 2012 at UFC 154.

“I have a lot to lose, but…I don’t want to end up at 80 years old and telling myself, ‘I should’ve done this, I should’ve done that.’ Because all of the things I regret in my life the most, it’s not the things that I have done. It’s the things that I have not done…” he said.