Diaz Subs McGregor at UFC 196

11 days…It took just 11 days for Nate Diaz to shock the world by choking out “The Notorious” Conor McGregor with a Rear-Naked at UFC 196. While McGregor is still the king at 145 pounds, amid all shock of the win (at 170 pounds) when Diaz was congratulated, he responded in the fashion he and brother Nick have become known for: “I’m not surprised, mother****ers.”

Despite taking the bout on 11 days notice after McGregor’s original opponent and Lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos broke his foot, Diaz has had been training to compete in a triathlon.

Or was he?

Updated March 8 via MMAJunkie.com:

“I think that he told Dana that really just to put them at ease, like, ‘Yeah, we’re in shape,’” Diaz’ conditioning coach Damian Gonzalez said. “He can’t tell Dana, ‘I’m sitting here on the beach having a cocktail.’ You just can’t say that.

“So you can look at it that way – he needs to recover from his last fight so he can start training again and triathlon season is coming. So technically, yeah, but not exactly the way everybody spun it.”

McGregor opened things up by going low early, but it does little as he finds himself on the fence. Diaz is the first to land a hand but is immediately caught by an overhand shot from southpaw stance. A jab to the head from Diaz is followed by a level change and the same to the body.

McGregor goes left again as Diaz is now bleeding, but he’s been in this situation befores and trudges onward. “The Notorious” one attacks with his legs again, but is caught and swept to the floor. When the horn sounds McGregor was clearly off to an early lead in the contest by taking Round 1.

After getting the better of Diaz for almost the entirety of the first five minutes, opening up scar tissue that is the result of years of service to the UFC, McGregor was admittedly gassed and when to the ground–ensuring his undoing against a Gracie-trained Jiu-Jitsu expert.

“I feel I was simply inefficient with my energy,” McGregor said to the press later that night. “Usually, when I fight a man in the division I am champion in and they crumble under those shots. But Nate took them very well. I think the weight allowed him to take those shots well.”

“I enjoyed the fact that a person could take the shots and keep coming,” McGregor said “He kept his composure.

Winner: Diaz via Rear-Naked Choke @ 4:12 of Round 2