Sage Northcutt Reaction

Related: Weighing In on the Next Generation and MMA “Fans” You had to know that this would appear on your screens eventually, my dear readers. Sage Northcutt lost (via arm-triangle.) As a person that likes Sage, I’m thankful for that.

If you breathe wrong in the sport of MMA, some fan somewhere will give you guff. For Sage, I’m just glad this is happening now rather than after, let’s say a double-digit winning streak. Then the backlash and “I told you so’s “ would sting even worse. If you’re a well-respected fighter (who is cut up like Northcutt) such as Georges St. Pierre, clearly you’re on ‘roids or “juice” if you read the Internet If you’re the Conor McGregor, Chael Sonnen, Diaz brother type--you can guess the reaction. In my heart, I 100 percent do not believe that there is a fighter out there who fans will not try and find something to tear them down with, but Sage Northcutt and others that have or will be profiled on Dana White: Lookin’ For a Fight are a special case. Former UFC/WEC fighter, Danny Downes discussed Northcutt with M MAJunkie’s Ben Fowlkes. “We all know why people (especially the Internet horde) had their sights set on Northcutt. He’s an incredibly privileged kid who was handpicked by UFC President Dana White to be the next big thing. He cruised through a couple fights and hadn’t even fought anyone with abs, as you put it. On top of that, he acted like he was straight out of Mayberry all while making $40,000 just to show up. That’s a formula for hate right there.” Aha! So the problem isn’t Northcutt (or whoever else comes off of Lookin’ For a Fight,) it’s how they got to the UFC (obviously!) Sure, fans might pick Northcutt apart for looking like a Ken doll with no Barbie, but maybe had he built up a bigger win record, he may have gained a little more "street cred". That's just not how things worked out. Another big point that was talked about by Downes and Fowlkes was backlash from fighters. You had your spot in the UFC before Northcutt, so protect it. You want to make more money; work your way up the card? Don’t just win--finish. Be controversial if you must. Put butts in seats! To be clear, although Northcutt has been my focus in writing this time around, as mentioned the real focus was everyone that will enter the UFC thanks to Dana’s new show. I feel like fans will think that someone is riding a “hype train” because it’s safe to say that many fans follow multiple sites largely reporting on the same fighters or similar stories.

As for the way fighters feel? I openly know that I don’t have the right to speak on that, because I will never be a fighter thanks to being physically challenged. I’m trying to find my own way inside the sport I can’t live without. However, I’m pretty sure that Matt Serra felt the same way about Ultimate Fighter winners that some fighters today feel about Sage (watch TUF 4: The Comeback.) If you don’t like your situation--force a change. Make noise. This is about a bottom line dollar amount. This both sport and entertainment (and don’t act like this is a WWE-based concept. Boxing has been around a pretty long time as well.) Above all else, FINISH FIGHTS.