McGregor Drops Aldo in :13 for UFC Featherweight Gold

For “Notorious” Conor McGregor and the many fans of the owner of the MacMansion, it will be a very merry Christmas indeed. The result of the featured bout of the UFC 194--what commentator Mike Goldberg called, “the mostly highly anticipated Featherweight (145 lbs.) bout of all time”-- left some fans claiming that UFC pay-per-view events cost too much. For others, the flashbang ending to a year-long feud with Jose Aldo was worth every cent.

In a performance that topped “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey for fastest finish in UFC title fight history, the look on McGregor’s face as Aldo made his way to the Octagon seemed to mirror his words after winning at UFC 189: “I swear to God his day will come!”

It did.

Referee “Big John” McCarthy calls both men to the center of the cage. Aldo’s gaze doesn’t meet McGregor’s. They step back without the customary glove touch--as was expected. What was a slight buzz from the crowd now becomes deafening. Just as the MGM Grand Garden Arena reaches a fever pitch, McCarthy says the words every fight fan knows all too well, ”Let’s get it on!”

They meet in the center, each feinting, try to find their punching range in the opening moments. McGregor throws a leg kick, Aldo is unaffected, but McGregor the first to land some offense. Aldo finds and opening and moves his head to the left of McGregor. The left hook howitzer of a right-left combination lands on the Irishman.

It’s over--for Aldo.

As the Brazilian champion threw his opening shots, his loudmouth interim counterpart went southpaw as well with a left hook of his own. Aldo landed as he crashed to the canvas like a young child’s head hitting their pillow as they begin to drift off to dreamland.

"No power, just precision,""No speed, just timing. That's all it takes, especially when you have my left hand. Nothing can take that left hand."

With the win, McGregor’s winning streak continues to 15 as he remains unbeaten in the UFC, winning the belt, the second of two cover spots on EA Sports’ UFC 2, and when all was said and done he finally showed the now former champion some respect.

"He's a phenomenal warrior and a phenomenal champion," "He deserved to go a little bit longer."

Backstage McGregor proclaimed himself as Nostradamus, once again as “Mystic Mac” to reporter Megan Olivi for--in Babe Ruth fashion-- calling his shot and delivering. The jury is divided between a rematch with Aldo and a new challenger in long time veteran, Frankie “The Answer” Edgar. For now though one thing is certain: There is one name reigning over 145.

Winner: “Notorious”, “Mystic Mac”, “Undisputed UFC Featherweight Champion of the World”, Conor McGregor