Rousey vs. Holm Reaction

Holly Holm deserves the UFC Women’s Bantamweight championship that she earned this past Saturday at UFC 193. There, I said it. Are you happy Internet Community? While I’m at it, let me clear some things up right away: I am a Rousey fan. However, I am not so delusional that I don’t recognize my favorite fighter as a flawed human being (as all 7 billion-plus of us are) or that I never thought the day would come when I would write of her defeat.

In what was inarguably the first round of her career that Ronda Rousey lost, she rushes forward. Expecting as much, Holm backs, keeping Ronda at range. Holm’s first left connects. Left, left, left, left...repeatedly then Rousey finally finds an opening for an overhand right. The femme fatales clinch with Rousey clearly hoping to set up one of her trademark Judo throws--no go. Another two lefts from Holm goes unanswered until Rousey manages to force Holm down with head-and-arm control into her signature armbar. Holm slips the attempt immediately. Desperate uppercuts in another clinch situation zip past Holm and they separate again. A short flurry causes a break in the contest as “The Preacher’s Daughter” must regain her mouthpiece. A leg trip from Holm to follow up does little, but does score her points. With only seconds remaining, Rousey begins to swing for the fences, leaving obvious to the average person that there is next to no accuracy behind the swing. Rousey goes southpaw in the final moments and finds the mark late. Finally, the bell sounds. Then, Round 2 featured the often utilized Holm head kick, the head kick seen around the world. After the KO: “I just said, You know I really admire you for being such a great, dominant champion,’" Holm said in a sitdown with Larry King on Thursday. "None of us would be here without you, so I appreciate you.”- Reaction as a fan Rousey retiring undefeated: There is no way. There are just far too many variables and 22 years worth of evidence in UFC footage (20 of which I have made my way through) that shows it being next to impossible to retire unbeaten. In a league that has been held up as “the Super Bowl of Mixed Martial Arts”, you can’t have a career worth a damn and come out completely unscathed. Everyone is beatable; everyone gets caught by way of a split-second wrong decision at some point. Also, think about this: A timeline of loss and the Rousey that the result created

  • Loss of her father, Ron at age eight

She gives up their shared love of swimming and later becomes an Olympic Bronze Medalist in Judo.

  • Falls short in both the Judo World Championships (Silver Medalist) and the Olympics

Her Strikeforce Women’s Bantamweight title-winning performance against Miesha Tate made is why women are in the UFC today. From her UFC debut on February 23, 2013 (UFC 157) until the day before UFC 193, Rousey went unbeaten in six bouts (all title defenses with the UFC bringing her over from the now defunct Strikeforce.) Rousey’s time atop the UFC lasted 2 years, 8 months, and 22 days. Sure, there have been longer streaks, but it is still undeniably impressive.

  • Career-long 12-0 winning streak snapped

The result could be frighteningly entertaining for Rousey fans upon her return. Did I pick Holm to be the one to topple “Rowdy”? In now way, shape, or form whatsoever did I, but if you’ve been reading my work long enough, I’ve been wrong before. Congrats Holly. Rousey’s (alleged lack of) quality opponents The UFC does not make matchmakers Joe Silva and Sean Shelby available to media, so I was not able to get a breakdown of the behind-the-scenes set-up for a bout. While I believe Rousey asked to fight “The Preacher’s Daughter” and her previous opponent Bethe Correia *if my memory is correct*, I already just proved my point above: MATCHMAKERS SILVA AND SHELBY. Ronda? Ronda fights. “I don’t give a damn ‘bout my bad reputation!” Rousey doesn’t just walk out to those words when she fights, she lives by them. As for Rousey’s attitude toward opponents, which I’ve seen negative reaction to, she might be confident (or arrogant depending on who you ask) but it should be noted that the only fighters in the UFC she’s taken issue with have been Miesha Tate after what she felt was disrespect toward her head coach and Bethe Correia. Other than that, other than openly promising victory, Rousey hasn’t been disrespectful to opponents. I do feel that when Ronda got off the scale at the UFC 193 weigh-ins and marched up to Holly, Holm putting her fist on the champion’s was to show that she wasn’t going to back down. As a Rousey fan, I don’t think Holly deserved to be insulted the way she was as there had been NO treatment like that from either side until then. For an example of mutual respect, watch the end of Rousey's bout with Cat Zingano. The same kind of respect was shown by both Rousey and Holm at the end of 193’s main event. I hope she learns something from the loss and comes back better from it, but as far as boos directed at her, she once said that she was more used to that sound than cheers so I don’t think she cares. Even if you don’t like her, at least she’s consistent. Lastly, I want you to picture a roll reversal--a world where Rousey never existed but each of her opponents did. Assuming women would still eventually become a part of the UFC and any of them had the streak Rousey had, I’m sure the Internet Community would find reasons to hate them as well. "If she wants the rematch and they put it together, you've always got to give the rematch," Holm said to Bomani Jones on ESPN radio. "That's just how it goes. I've been on the other end of it before. I've been knocked out and I got to be able to get a rematch and avenge my loss. I know I was glad to have that opportunity and if you're a real champion, you're going to do that, you're going to give them the rematch. "Of course, I'm going to train even harder and better for the next fight ‘cause I know she'll be coming back swinging."- Fox Sports Media Overexposure As some of you are sitting here reading this you might have thought, “ Oh great, more Rousey…” I can’t speak for other media outlets but as far as I as an individual writer for InsideSTL am concerned, Rousey has only been covered four times up to this point in my just under six months and only when relevant to the cage, perhaps mentioning her movies as an afterthought. RELATED: Fighting Like a Girl-- It’s a Good Thing, UFC 190 main event preview and follow-up, Rousey/”Cyborg”

“What’s her opinion on the use of lube during sex?”-- I don’t care. So what’s my point? Ronda isn’t the one sitting behind a keyboard, isn’t an interviewer behind a microphone. Ronda fights.