Why Rousey Wins at UFC 190

I sat down at my computer yesterday and saw Ronda Rousey on my screen as part of the UFC’s Embedded vlog series leading up to her next bout this Saturday. On a cloudy day in Rio de Janeiro, a storm was literally brewing as Rousey readied for one of her final training sessions. At the end of the seven and a half minute video, I had my winner picked.

Reason A: Stats

While the possibilities of Rousey vs. Cris “Cyborg” Justino/ Miesha Tate vs. “Cyborg”/ Rousey vs. Tate III are all up in the air at the moment, I do believe the Bethe Correia is presently the best challenge for “Rowdy” with her 9-0 record. Seven are thanks to the choices of judges; Rousey seems to live by the mantra of “Never leave it in the hands of the judges.” Both fighters have two wins by KO; Rousey (11-0) has nine subs with only Rousey vs. Tate II going beyond the first round.

Even when Rousey has been criticized for allegedly having “no striking” according to at least one keyboard warrior of Facebook, she immediately went to work on that area of her training. Correia’s last victory was by TKO and she might have good striking, but finishes are what matter, even when compared to unanimous decision wins. Additionally, “Pitbull” is mostly stand-up fighter who is matched up against an Olympic bronze medalist in Judo who finished her last three fights in a combined 96 seconds.

Reason B: Motivation

Did I forget to mention that two of Correia’s triumphs are over two members of Rousey’s “Four Horsewomen” stable [Rousey, Marina Shafir, Jessamyn Duke (Decision), and Shayna Baszler (TKO)?] Oh and there was this exchange on Twitter after Correia said in a media scrum that she hoped Rousey didn’t kill herself after UFC 190:

RondaRousey @RondaRousey “@bethecorreia suicide is no joke or selling point. My father will be with me the day I hand you the comeuppance you deserve.”

Bethe @bethecorreia “@RondaRousey Never knew what happened to ur dad.I'm humble enough to ask u for forgiveness. Family is a godly bless to me. See u in #UFC190

Don’t bull*** a bull****er Bethe. The suicide of Ron Rousey is reasonably common knowledge in the MMA world and with all the attention Rousey has received outside of it. This was also around the same time Rousey’s autobiography, “My Fight/Your Fight”. Corriea proved her detailed knowledge when speaking with the media, "I said she ran away from home, her past with bulimia, did drugs after the Olympics. But I didn’t know about this episode with her father."

"I was just showing her weak psychology for sports. I knew her father had died when she was a kid, but I didn’t know he committed suicide," Correia told the media in Goiania. "Ronda humiliated me. She said I would have a meeting with Jesus, that she would humiliate me inside my house. So I responded talking about her history.”

-Guilherme Cruz/MMAFighting.com

Does anyone else find it odd that Correia knows the details of Rousey’s history and “know that her father died”, but yet not know how? Maybe she didn’t read the book, I’ll give her that, but her father’s suicide is easily as equally known if not more than her previous issues with bulimia.

Correia went on to talk about Rosey’s trash talking. Newsflash Bethe, every fighter (man or woman) does that in some form. While I won’t deny that Ronda should have anticipated some in return, and there were mixed reactions from other fighters on if it was deserved, not even her fiercest rivals in Tate or “Cyborg” crossed that line You know who else talked, backed it up, and is still known for talking and greatness? Muhammad Ali. Everyone trash talks.

Reason C: Legacy

In the same Embedded video, while both were getting their makeup done, Rousey was focused on the fight. Beauty was and is an afterthought this close to the fight. “I really can’t be driven already more than I am. There is no extra left.”

Correia: “My looks are very important to me. I like taking care of my looks so much that I sometimes feel mad that I don’t have as much time for myself as the women that aren’t in the fight business. Looks are important to all women whether they are a fighter or not. No woman likes to look unattractive. We try our best to look good. But it’s tough having the profession that we have because we train and sweat all day long and that ruins your hair and peels off your nail polish and your hands get calloused. So, we have to double our efforts. To be great, fighters need to embrace their femininity.”

In other news, Rousey is now a 3-Time Female Fighter of the year.

"In these individual fights I might be a heavy favourite," she told Fox Sports. "In the end, I'm not a favourite at all. I'm a huge underdog. The end goal is I want to retire undefeated and be remembered as one of the most dominant athletes of all time.​

"I want to be that one that retired on top, was always undefeated and walked out because I took the belt off and handed it back because I felt like it was time for someone else to carry it. Not because anyone took it from me. That's the way that I stay hungry.


Winner: Ronda Rousey defends Women’s Bantamweight title- Round 1 finish