Lady Trailblazer Soccer (Update)

Summer sports like baseball are entering their final month, but things are just heating up at Lewis and Clark Community College as winter approaches.

The Lady Trailblazers finished last season with a 19-2 win-loss record and are the defending National Junior College Athletic Association Division I Region 24 Champions.

The team appears to be on course to repeat this accomplishment with a 11-2-1 win-loss-tie record as of Sept. 28, with ten wins being shutouts.

Throughout the entirety of their season up to Sept. 28, the women have allowed only eight goals against them. This feat has been managed despite having a number of injuries, which resulted in open tryouts to keep the team whole.

The list of setbacks included four ACL injuries, a concussion, a partial ACL tear, as well as mental wear and tear that accompanied the battle wounds.

“We were able to add a couple of players that we knew played in high school and that were going to school here. We were counting on some of these girls to be everyday starters but that’s the way it goes sometimes and I think we have adjusted pretty well,” Coach Tim Rooney said.

The Trailblazers rallied from the injuries and the toughest part of the schedule which resulted in their only losses and tie. Following this defeated streak, the squad started recouping some of its losses with an 11-0 win against Lincoln.

“I thought and still think during that streak, we were playing extremely well together given the circumstances of all the injuries. We just all play as a team and want to win. Going into these past two games, we needed those wins. So we played together and did what we had to do,” Forward and Middle Forward, Nicole Howard said.

L&C is ranked 1st nationally, according to the NJCAA as of Oct. 2. Miriam Taylor, Howard, and Michelle Pedersen all have spots in the NJCAA Top 10 individual player rankings as well.

The final game of the women’s regular season will take place on Oct. 16 with the NJCAA Championship on Nov.17 in Melbourne, Fla.